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According to the readers of FLEET and FLOTA magazines, it is currently the best in Poland, award-winning vehicle management software.

PasCom Fleet II


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Whether you are a fleet manager in the company, administer the transport department, coordinate the repairs of foreign vehicles fleets or work in CFM company and manage short- and long-term rentals – we will provide you with a DEDICATED TOOL that will meet your needs and make true vehicle management a reality.

Additionally, the program enables simultaneous work in 5 language versions: Polish, English, Russian, Czech and German.

PasCom Fleet II software has been enriched since 2015 with a new, convenient tool – mPasCom application for mobile devices with Android system.

PasCom Fleet II Standard – an essential tool for a Fleet Manager (vehicle fleet), versatile, easy to use and, at the same time, equipped with great analytical abilities.

PasCom Fleet II Transport – the version of the software optimized for transport departments in companies using transport mainly for their own needs (e.g. construction, energetics, waterworks etc.). It enables the User to calculate and invoice vehicle and equipment work cards, issue internal settlements, fuel settlements, profit analyses etc.

PasCom Fleet II Rental – a software designed for companies from CFM industry dealing with long-term rental services and invoicing of rental services.

PasCom Fleet II Outsourcing – a software designed for car fleet management, invoicing of repair services, registration, handling of service requests, etc.

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What do you gain by choosing our software

PasCom Fleet I is a computer software designed for efficient and optimal vehicle fleet management. This modern software is an effect of a long-term cooperation with experienced fleet managers. It is a solution based on finest business practices.

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  • You will inspect excessive fuel expenditures. MOVIE4

  • You will check whether the employees exceed the limits established for quantities/costs/kilometers.

  • You will control the refuelings over the weekends and during the absence of employees.

  • You will check the refuelings of improper fuel and refueling above the capacity of the container.

  • You will compare the data regarding the refuelings from fleet cards with data from GPS devices.

  • You will control the purchases from contractors in order to negotiate greater discounts.


  • You will control the number and expedience of repairs, perform an analysis of brands’ and vehicles’ faultability.

  • You will check the frequency of part replacements.

  • You will control the frequency and statistics regarding the purchase of consumable materials.

  • You will plan an even wear of vehicles to avoid bearing premature costs.

  • You will keep an eye on warranty periods and mileage limits.

  • You will perform an analysis of average monthly mileages and other analyses (vehicle mileage record). MOVIE6


  • You will generate useful reports quickly (e.g. an environmental fee).

  • You will keep an eye on the dates of technical examinations, policy validity periods and other documents. MOVIE11

  • You will send an email or SMS reminder automatically.

  • You will utilize rented or leased vehicles efficiently.

  • You will check vehicle users for damages ad offenses. MOVIE5

  • You will import fuel invoices (e.g. ORLEN, BP, SHELL, STATOIL, LOTOS, DKV fleet cards). MOVIE10

  • You will settle fuel cards and work cards.

  • You will import invoices from services, service companies, CFM companies.

  • You will distribute invoices and issue reports for bookkeeping automatically.

  • You will plan the budget for following periods.


  • Assistance with selecting vehicles for replacement.

  • Versatile, cross-sectional and instant cost analysis. MOVIE7

  • Legible graph analyses and built-in pivot tables.

  • Safe and efficient database. MOVIE3

  • User-friendly interface similar to Microsoft Excel. MOVIE1, MOVIE2

  • The possibility to access via website.


Full authorship

We are the authors of offered products and have the right to apply changes, axpand the software and distribute it.


The designed the software to be pleasant and easy to use. Contextual prompts, similarity to MS Office tools such as MS Excel, combo boxes, the control over entered data allow for comfortable work with the system.


The results of our work can be used in other softwares. Created reports can be saved in many file formats like EXCEL, WORD , HTML, *.TXT, *.CSV. *.PDF.


Entered data is automatically controlled. Accessing data by unauthorized persons is restricted by the system of passwords. The software ensures the reference continuity of data.


We provide you with a manual and online help in the software and optionally, a full training covering the software use. A competent technical support is at the service of Users.


We offer a possibiliy to integrate oir solutions with other IT systems functioning in the organization. We are very experienced in providing this kind of services.

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 - Pascom

Whether you are a fleet manager in the company, administer the transport department, coordinate the repairs of foreign vehicles fleets or work in CFM company and manage short- and long-term rentals – we will provide you with a DEDICATED TOOL that will meet your needs and make true vehicle management a reality.

Watch instructional movies.

In most cases watching an instructional movie will suffice to familiarize oneself with the software and provide us with the information required to calculate the license price. However, we always recommend the presentation, which can be helpful for making the offer more specific.

Schedule a presentation appointment.

We reccommend an appointment and presentation of software capabilities for the purpose of adjusting the it to your needs. We can, for example, schedule a remote presentation to discuss your basic requirements and suggest our ready-made solutions using modern audiovisual tools.

Ask about the offer.

After receiving your requirements, we can prepare an offer and, usually, provide it on the same day. In order to prepare a license offer, we need at least the information regarding the number of workstations, number of vehicles and functional range (modules).

Order DEMO version.

You can gain access to DEMO version of our software by filling out a form. After sending it, you will receive an email with appropriate instructions.

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You can receive free advice, also in audiovisual form, at any contact stage.

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