PasCom Forwarding II

The PasCom Forwarding II software is a new solution basing on our experiences with the Sea Freight SM system.

PasCom Forwarding II

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The PasCom Forwarding II software is a new solution basing on our experiences with the Sea Freight SM system. A new, expanded version offered since the beginning of 2004 is a software dedicated to all companies providing various sea freight services. Its functionality guarantees full handling and management of domestic and international shipping orders. For a company providing road shipping services we recommend our other project, PasCom Transport II.



The software was created entirely for one particular user – the FORWARDING AGENT – and it is designed to fulfill their needs.

In other words, the software is useful on each stage of shipper’s work, from the moment of issuing the documents, through tracking current stocks of goods and containers, to compositions used to prepare necessary contract and order analyses regarding sales and profits.

Your benefits

What do you gain by choosing our software

The software was created entirely for one particular user – the FORWARDING AGNET – and it is designed to fulfill their needs.

In addition, the software allows to work in 4 language versions at the same time: Polish, English, Russian, German.

PasCom Forwarding II software has been enriched since 2015 with a new, convenient tool – the mPasCom application for mobile devices with Android system and the PasCom Mapa II module.

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  • You will generate the offer quickly and provide it for execution.

  • You will automatically send an email or SMS with the order content or reminder.

  • You will sort, find and present required data regarding shipping, clients, containers etc. instantly.

  • You will automatically generate invoices from registered actions based on operating data, e.g. individual rates, container undetaking date and time.

  • You will perform a detailed analysis of shipping costs in various cross-sections.

  • You will get full supervision over document cycle in your company.

  • You will generate shipping documents (orders, WIS, WIOR…) automatically.

  • You will send documents to bookkeeping system and emit the reports for bookkeeping.

  • You will control the purchases from contractors in order to negotiate greater discounts.

  • You will automatically download the data from other systems, e.g. ERP systems and GPS devices.


  • You will control the profitability of shipping on the level of each forwarding folder or/and in any cross-sections.

  • You will check the profitability of shipping for your own shippers, contractors.

  • You will keep an eye on dates of selected (any) shipping actions.

  • You will keep an eye on validity terms of policies and other documents.

  • You will control the state and movement of containers, goods.

  • You will detect unfounded expenditures.

  • You will inspect the work of teams.

  • You will see to the vindication of contractors.


  • You will analyse the shipping activity quickly and multilaterally.

  • You will perform the analyses of shipping profitability in any cross-sections.

  • You will display / present analyses in a readable / clear way – in the form of graphs or pivot tables.

  • You will obtain reports of sales with clients and vindication reports.

  • You will obtain data regarding balance of contractors and overdue/expired charges when receiving shipping orders.

  • You will gain full information regarding history of actions and contact with clients.


  • Safe and efficient database. MOVIE3

  • Attaching scans to registered data, e.g. documents to forwarding folders.

  • Flexibility, intuitiveness and ease of use, similarity to MS Excel software. MOVIE1, MOVIE2

  • Multidimensionality and differentiation of reports and specifications.

  • The possibility to save reports and specifications in various file formats.

  • Multitude of modules allowing to adjust to client’s requirements.

  • Flexibility of data complementation.

  • Full supervision over the history of data registration.

The software supports preparing the following documents:

  • shipping orders,
  • offers,
  • invoices,
  • costs,
  • phytosanitary notifications (WIS, CIS, SES, WIOR and other)
  • orders regarding container undertaking, submitting and manipulation,
  • A/C orders (undertaking and manipulation of smalls),
  • B orders (storings of smalls),
  • transport orders,
  • vehicle waybills,
  • acceptance protocols,
  • container transport documents,
  • notifications and monitory notes,
  • incomes and estimated costs,
  • timesheet, regres and other.

Preparing the documents above is based on current catalogs (of contractors, goods, containers, notes, rates of exchange etc.), storehouse states and other, already issued documents. The documents are combined into so-called forwarding folders by shipping orders and contracts.


Full authorship

We are the authors of offered products and have the right to apply changes, axpand the software and distribute it.


The designed the software to be pleasant and easy to use. Contextual prompts, similarity to MS Office tools such as MS Excel, combo boxes, the control over entered data allow for comfortable work with the system.


The results of our work can be used in other softwares. Created reports can be saved in many file formats like EXCEL, WORD , HTML, *.TXT, *.CSV. *.PDF.


Entered data is automatically controlled. Accessing data by unauthorized persons is restricted by the system of passwords. The software ensures the reference continuity of data.


We provide you with a manual and online help in the software and optionally, a full training covering the software use. A competent technical support is at the service of Users.


We offer a possibiliy to integrate oir solutions with other IT systems functioning in the organization. We are very experienced in providing this kind of services.

How to purchase

 - Pascom

The software was created entirely for one particular user – the Forwarder – and it is designed to fulfill their needs.

Watch instructional movies

In most cases watching an instructional movie will suffice to familiarize oneself with the software and provide us with the information required to calculate the license price. However, we always recommend the presentation, which can be helpful for making the offer more specific.

Schedule a presentation appointment

We reccommend an appointment and presentation of software capabilities for the purpose of adjusting the it to your needs. We can, for example, schedule a remote presentation to discuss your basic requirements and suggest our ready-made solutions using modern audiovisual tools.

Ask about the offer

After receiving your requirements, we can prepare an offer and, usually, provide it on the same day. In order to prepare a license offer, we need at least the information regarding the number of workstations, number of vehicles and functional range (modules).

Order DEMO version

You can gain access to DEMO version of our software by filling out a form. After sending it, you will receive an email with appropriate instructions.

We invite you for free consultation

You can receive free advice, also in audiovisual form, at any contact stage.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact us via contact form

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