Quick Start

The similarity to such office tools as MS Excel, very good documentation and unified registration forms allow to implement the system in a short time and minimize the costs of fleet maintenance. The flexibility and multitude of modules availabe in the system allowed us to prepare various software versions depending on profile and needs of user.

We put great emphasis on intuitiveness and easiness of implementation. Ergonomic approach to data visualization introduced into the system, freely defined and memorized contextual cross-sections of data and similarity to mechanisms known from Excel-like spreadsheets allows for easy transport and shipping management and fluent transition from commonly known and used earlier IT tools.

PasCom II system was designed in a way that enables using it in organizations consisting of many subsidiary (holding) subjects basing on one database. Each subsidiary company can utilize individual printout templates, containing, among other things, their graphic symbols (company logo).

The system is implemented using an innovative „Quick Start” method based on modern multimedia tools, that significantly shorten the duration of implementation and limits the costs to necessary minimum, without the loss of implementation quality. The purpose of Quick Start procedure is the minimization of both implementation time and cost.