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Mobile PasCom

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The PasCom software has been enhanced with a new, convenient tool – the mPasCom mobile application for Android. This app enables two-way communication between transport/fleet managers and users/drivers of the vehicles logged in the mPasCom operating system.

The new mPasCom app has been properly prepared and tightly integrated with both transport & forwarding PasCom TRANSPORT II software and PasCom FLEET II, the system designed for fleet management.

The main idea behind mPasCom application is the elimination of time-consuming registration of multiple documents, e.g. road cards. Also, it allows the vehicle user to remotely access to the PasCom II system and gain essential information regarding task execution (loading, unloading, refueling etc. in accordance with planned order), technical examination, technical inspection, current counter state and many others.

The communication with employees via mPasCom app enables fast and direct response to non-standard situations.

To make work as comfortable as possible, the mPasCom application has been ergonomically adjusted to the capabilities of smartphones so that it utilizes many advantages of these devices – for example, it allows to send scans or photos straight to the PasCom system.

The video below shows the mPasCom application.