Opublikowano: 11.06.2015

PasCom – the winner of Fleet Derby’2015

We would like to thank everyone who voted for our product – PasCom FLEET II EURO – in prestigious plebiscites such as Fleet Awards Polska 2015 and Fleet Derby 2015. Thanks to them we managed to win in both independent rankings organized by different publishers.

Our product, PasCom FLEET II EURO won the Fleet Derby 2015 competition (Fleet product/service – IT category) and Fleet Awards 2015 competition (Software category).

The received statuettes are particularly valuable since they are awarded based upon verified number of votes coming from experts, direct system users and also the professionals tracking the development of modern IT tools.

Moreover, we beat fierce competition in both contests, including the direct one.

It confirms that we have taken the right path regarding the development of our products, opening up to the foreign market and extending the software to include smartphones.

This year, our PasCom Flota II EURO system became a winner. During last year, it was enriched with several additional functionalities, for instance:

Thank you again!