Shipping files are used to handle the data regarding shipping, facilitating the registration process and analyses.


Loading file contains the list of all loadings registered in the appropriate orders in the system.
Each loading contains the data regarding the dates and time of loading/unloading process, loading/unloading addresses, type of transported cargo and its package, quantity, contracted and actual weight, dimensions, reference numbers, loading transport requirements. The system enables direct access to the following data from the level of loadings file:

  • loading damages,
  • loading route,
  • CMR documents.
Places registered in the system can be used to automatically fill out the contact details in many system files, especially when registering rates, routes and orders.

In this file it i possible to register detailed data regarding: place name, exact contact details, contractor to whuch a given place is assigned and attributes of a given place.
The software allows to import the list of places.


In routes file it is possible to register details regarding the waypoints of any route, such as:

  • waypoint address data,
  • longitude and latitude,
  • action performed in a given waypoint,
  • route length calculated basing on the map.

The places file can be used to fill out the contact details. Standard routes defined in that manner can be used repeatedly during the registration of transport rates and, later, the generation of order routes.