This module allows to manage contacts with suppliers and grants fast access to contact details and established rules of financial settlements. Also, it enables precise describing and filtering of contractors by attributes defined flexibly by system user. The file is connected to additional subcatalogs/subdirectories allowing to register the employees of a given contractors and their branches. Immediate access to balance of sales with contractor and list of cost and income documents enables instant analysis of key information regarding the contractor.

In addition, we implemented the functionality allowing to edit and manage writings to contractors with an option to send writings directly from the application via email. Also, it is possible to access the filtered data stored in other files directly from the file level. The information above includes contracts, tasks/contacts with contractor or invoices issued by a given supplier.

Service rates

Within the confines of rates file the user can register transport, ferry, lease and universal rates.
It can include both general and individual rates being a part of the offer for a given contractor. Certain rates play a special role in the system: lump sum or price-list transport rates, which are used for the generation of transport or shipping order. In the transport rates file, the details of following data can be registered:

  • contractor,
  • order type,
  • exact route, places of loading and unloading,
  • goods,
  • parameters/transport requirements,
  • freight based on the lump sum for whole transport,
  • freight based on price list table,
  • the offer in which a given rate is included,
  • trade agreement,
  • rate validity period.

It is possible to define price list arrays within the confines of a rate.


The functionality of the system allowing to manage contacts with clients – it replaces the popular, so-called post-it notes with reminders.
The possibility to assign tasks to other employees enables supervisors to have full control over the method and punctuality of task execution by subordinates. This functionality makes it easier to define the actions which are to be performed by the deputy in case of employee’s absence during the holiday or sick leave.


This functionality allows to create correspondence. The writing prepared in the system can be printed together with a company logo. The company logo standard is added to the system during its installation. If the system is used by several subsidiary companies, it is possible to add the individual company symbol for each company.
The possibility to send emails directly from the application available in the system significantly facilitates and accelerates handling of correspondence.