TIRES module

The module enables full supervision over owned tires and mileage control with a history of allocations to respective vehicles. It keeps a full history of a tire from the moment of purchase, through allocations to respective vehicles and possible complaints, until the very utilization. It registers quantities in the storehouse (seasonal supply), automates seasonal replacements, monitors mileages, indicates necessity of replacement, etc. and also:

  • allows to count the mileage of a tire or a set of tires based on its status (mounted, spare, in a storehouse, in a workshop etc.)
  • creates a history of each tire automatically ( when mounted, place of storage, when dismounted, sold), together with the cost data.
  • contains group functions of tire exchange, e.g. seasonal exchange: summer to winter tires, winter to summer tires, tire exchange between vehicles, turnover to storehouse, collection from storehouse and mounting on the vehicle, etc., applying not only to individual vehicles, but also selected groups of vehicles.