Vehicle and Equipment File

This file contains data regarding vehicles and equipment that describe essential features of owned resources. The file constitutes a basic administration panel, because it grants access to all the data related to the vehicle. The file is constructed in a way that provides easy and intuitive access to the row of vehicle data, which are grouped into clear and logical categories, e.g. records information, vehicle allocations, fuel consumption standards, etc.

Among other things, the following data are registered:

  • kind of vehicle, brand, type, model, counter state,
  • technical parameters, type of engine, fuel and individual fuel consumption standards,
  • dates of technical examinations and interim reviews,
  • data regarding organizational allocation and cost allocation, plus the history of these allocations,
  • settlement method for fuel costs (net/gross) and other costs,
  • data regarding purchase and removal of a vehicle and its ownership type (own, rented, leased etc.),
  • types of used tires,
  • vehicle documents, registration certificates, contracts etc.
  • used replacement vehicles,
  • for trucks: parameters regarding loadability, additional technical parameters etc.

Vehicle file becomes a fleet manager’s basic panel, because it provides instant access to all the data regarding the vehicle, e.g.:

  • vehicle costs in any period and by any cost groups ( e.g. fuel, repairs, car washes etc. ),
  • repairs, service orders, faults,
  • vehicle mileages, average mileages per month,
  • insurances and damages.

Employees File

Contains basic data regarding employees, contact details, allocations to company’s organizational structure and a method of cost settlement. It also makes it possible to register and control the authorizations, documents and monitor validity terms (of e.g. psychotechnical examinations, driving licenses, passports etc.). Moreover, the file allows to attach an unlimited number of photos, scans and additional files related to an employee.

Additionally, the system enables user to access data associated with an employee directly from the file level. It applies to data regarding:

  • exploitation costs,
  • history of used vehicles and equipment,
  • history of affiliation to company’s organizational structure, also the history of CC and cost accounts,
  • history of used personal equipment (e.g. cell phones, notebooks, palmtops)
  • history of loss ratio,
  • settlement of advance payments,
  • offenses, parking spaces,
  • correspondence with employees (writings, e-mail, SMS),
  • trainings underwent by an employee,
  • absence and working time, etc.,
  • periodic settlements, limits.

Fuel cards and Other file

The file allows to administer various types of cards (fuel, service, payment and other cards), recording all necessary registration data (card number, PIN, expiration dates, dates of issue, issuer, limits and restrictions plus other important data). Cards can be assigned not only to vehicles, but also to employees (bearer cards). A number of convenient functionalities, e.g. automated history of allocations, card validity checks, validity term change automats and the possibility to define printouts enables fast access and comfortable work.