The module was divided into three logical groups: policies, damages and compensations.

Policies file.

The policies file allows to register and control vehicle insurance policies including AC, OC, GC, TP, PAI. The file makes it possible to control dates of concluding the policies and their validity, sum insured registration, insurance components, value of established franchise, premiums and their payment dates. Linking this file to contract file enables correct operation of so-called group insurances. Moreover, the software supports automatic accounting of insurance costs as cost calculated in particular months according to organizational allocations of individual vehicles.

Damages and compensations file.

This file enables registration and full settlement of occurred vehicle damages. The record is directly linked to policies and, just as other files, allows to attach an unlimited number of photos, scans and and additional files associated with damages. When linked to compensations file, it makes it possible to execute a full damage settlement procedure from damage report, through description and settlement to its absolute liquidation. Each stage can be monitored.

Among other things, the following data are registered:

  • driver data,
  • allocation of organizational structure (MPK) which is charged with a given damage,
  • type of damage,
  • damage settlement method,
  • the fact of calling the police,
  • other participants of the damage (vehicles, witnesses etc.),
  • financial settlement (compensation) of the damage,
  • automatically generated damage balance.