This module allows for free definition of parameters and the method of notifying the User about the events to be the subject of control, e.g. the expiration dates of ending OC/AC policies, technical examinations, inspections, passes and permits, warranties, psychotechnical examination dates, legalization validity etc.

Depending on the method of remider generation, it can be a report, a screen message or automatically sent SMS or email with the reminder. All SMS and email reminders are saved in a history and, after generation, stored in the system together with confirmation of sending.

In addition to standard, typically defined reminders this module also contains a creator of own, individual reminders, which can be used in any file according to personal, nonstandard needs.

It is also possible to send a custom message to individual users or a group, e.g. an email or SMS informing about a necessity of seasonal tire replacement or visit in the service.