This module is deisigned for registering invoices and other documents related to bookkeeping, e.g. note, invoice, correction etc.

Invoices can be entered using various methods, e.g.:

  • registered manually ( VAT invoices, corrections, receipts etc.),
  • imported based on digital files from oil companies ( e.g. PKN Orlen, BP, Statoil, Shell, Lotos, DKV, AS24 ),
  • imported from financial and accounting systems,
  • imported from service stations, long-term rental companies etc.,
  • imported from phone billing files ( ORANGE, PLUS, ERA ).

These documents can contain all or some of following positions:

  • number of document, position on the document, date of purchase, date of issue,
  • issuer of the invoice (enables the aggregation of invoices from selected issuers),
  • content – name of service, goods,
  • cost group – assigns the cost to one of generic groups of costs and its accounts defined by the user (e.g. fuels, repairs, insurances, expenses of the employee etc.),
  • for fuel bills – the quantity of fuel,
  • net, VAT, gross values,
  • type of payment (e.g. cash, transfer, check, card),
  • for payments with fuel cards – fuel card number,
  • counter state at the moment of purchase.

The module provides the option of multilevel cost approval, thanks to which invoices regitered in the system can be approved by the person authorized to verify and apply the approval status. After approving, the invoice is automatically rozksięgowywana, which enables subsequent, comprehensive data analysis (e.g. MPK, vehicle, user, organizational structure to be charged, cost account or VAT to count off).

Cost file

This file automatically registers accounting of all document positions according to cost allocation file defined in the system. The range of cost allocation is very wide and versatile. It is possible to not only assign the cost to vehicle, but also an employee or organizational structure. The cost registration is executed using a system of cost group dictionary fully definable by the user.